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Products Available

The Camera Suit

 Pure and simple, The Camera Suit is the BEST-FLYING camera suit on the market, second to none for control, maneuverability, and speed. The Camera Suit is designed, manufactured, and marketed by experienced freefall photographers.

Malfunctions!  A Visual Training Package

Malfunctions! A Visual Training Package consists of 15, 11"x17" color "flashcards" (14 common canopy malfunctions and one good canopy), The Instructional Video, and The Drill Video.  Malfunctions! is available in either NTSC or PAL format.

SportsCam  Extreme SportsVideo System
          The SportsCam Video System was developed to remove the dangerous weight and bulk of a video camera from the            
          skydiving  videographer's helmet without the loss of picture quality.
Videos of the Past

Watch great skydives and enjoy the outrageous fun of apres' skydiving from the The Lost Prairie Boogie, The Couch Freaks Boogie, The World Freefall Convention, The Phoenix/Z-Hills Easter MeetThe U.S. National Skydiving Championships, and The Endless Fall -True Stories From An Early Sky-diver.


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