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The Camera Suit

  Pure and simple, The Camera Suit is the BEST-FLYING camera suit on the market, second to none for control, maneuverability, and speed. The Camera Suit is designed, manufactured, and marketed by experienced freefall photographers.    
     QUALITY  CONSTRUCTION and MATERIALS: The body material is  breathable, nylon Supplex  for durability and to provide a fast fall rate when desired. For strength, all seams are taped and only nylon thread is used. The wing is made of a very "slick", zero-porosity nylon material to help eliminate  wing "flapping" that may be transferred to your video via "tape flutter" and vibration.

     UNIQUE DESIGN: The unusual design of The Camera Suit, particularly the wing and lower leg, provides the freefall photographer with flying capabilities that are not found in any other camera suit on the market today.

      The Camera Suit is manufactured in a standard fall rate; however, the range of  fall rate is incredible!  You will be able to video, with great maneuverability, a fast falling freeflyer or 4-way, and, on the next jump, while flying on your back and looking up into their faces, video a very light and slow falling tandem! Then, without changing suits for the next large formation jump, you'll be able to "track up", quickly swooping past dozens of floaters, reaching the base before they do because of the surprising agility and speed The Camera Suit offers!!    


HOW TO ORDER: The basic cost of The Camera Suit is $245.00; optional pockets are $5.00 each; and a personalized, embroidered monogram is $15.00 per 10 letters. Please send a refundable $100.00US deposit by check or money order  payable to

Skyhi Visual Productions
1752 Emerson Street
Denver, CO 80218  USA

along with your height and weight measurements. (If paying with a credit card, please click on the PayPal payment button below and email us with your height and weight measurements, email address, and phone number.) The appropriate sized fitting suit, color swatches, detailed fitting instructions, and order form will be sent to you via  U.S. Priority Mail once we have received your deposit. ****Please note: we require you to return the fitting suit ASAP as others are waiting. If after 14 days of shipment to you, we have not received back the fitting suit, we will charge a $10.00 per day rental fee until it is returned.****   We only accept payment in U.S. dollars: cash, personal check or money order drawn on a U.S. bank or by credit card via PayPal.  We welcome any question - please email us at,  call us at 1-800-495-0002 or  fax us at 303-837-1253.











     CUSTOM-FITTED: When you order, we will mail you a              standard-sized fitting suit (small, medium or large) and detailed instructions/order form with which you'll compare 17 body measurements with the corresponding  measurements of the fitting suit. This method of tailoring eliminates problems of custom suits that don't fit, dissatisfied customers, costly re-builds, and time delays.

           We offer standard colors, in both body and wing materials. Options available include custom color combinations, leg and chest pockets, and personalized monograms. And we'll happily address any special suit requirements you may have.

THE END RESULT:  The Camera Suit is a durable jumpsuit that is custom-fitted to the individual skydiving cameraman, allowing him to photograph tandems, AFFs, freestyle,  4-way to large formation jumps - with greater maneuverability, speed, and control.  
The Camera Suit - you'll wonder how you got the job done without it !!

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