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Skydiving Videos of the Past


Flag Jump over Lost Prairie, Montana


  The Lost Prairie Boogie, Marion, Montana

The Lost Prairie Boogie  is an unbelievable weeklong skydiving party in an absolutely beautiful part of the United States. Watch great skydives and enjoy the fun of apres' skydiving at the only watering hole for miles (some "R" rated content!).

              1992 The Lost Prairie Silver Anniversary Boogie             (58min/music) $19.95  

        1993 Lost Prairie Boogie  (58min/music)  $19.95

                     or both for $35.00



Wild Bill Doyle over Ft. Dodge, Iowa


The Couch Freaks Boogie, Ft. Dodge, Iowa

One of the greatest annual skydiving events of the year. Unbelievable skydiving, never-close beer truck, and  an outrageous nightlife characterize the Des Moines Skydivers' unforgettable contribution to the sport of skydiving. See what they do in and over Iowa over Labor Day weekend! (some "R" rated content!)

1992 Couch Freaks Boogie  (38min/music.) $19.95
1993 Couch Freaks "Dollar Daze" Boogie  (54min/music) $19.95
or both for $35.00



34-Way Spectacle Dive, WFC, Quincy, Illinois


The World Freefall Convention, Quincy, Illinois

Considered by many to be THE skydiving boogie to attend, these two videos show the BIG skydives, the unique aircraft, the  fun jumps, the crazy night life, interviews with skydivers, and lots more.  (some "R" rated content!)

1991 World Freefall Convention  (54 min/music) $19.95
1993 World Freefall Convention  (54 min/music) $19.95
 or both for $35.00


20-Way over Phoenix-Z-Hills, Florida



  The 1992 Phoenix/Z-Hills Easter Meet

The original Phoenix/Zephyr Hills, Florida drop zone. Those were the days! Great  20-way competition jumps over the long Easter weekend.

1992 Z-Hills Easter Meet   (70 min.)   $19.95/ea.

4-Way Dive over Tennessee




Camera work over Eloy, Arizona















  The 2nd Annual Southern U.S. Skydiving Championships,
1992 Athens, TN  (28min.)

A neat regional RW and Accuracy competition with some really great 4-way jumps.   (28 min/music)              




  The U.S. National Skydiving Championships
Judges' Master Videos

Hours and hours of superb formation and CRW skydiving competition at Muskogee, Oklahoma and at Skydive Arizona, Eloy, Arizona.

1990 R/W Nationals - 4,8, 20-way formation and 10-way speed star competition jumps    (3hrs 32min)    $30.00

1991 R/W Nationals (May and Oct.) - 4,8, 20-way formation and 10-way speed star competition jumps   (3hrs 30min)      $30.00

1991 CRW Nationals - 8-way speed formation, 4-way sequential, 4-way rotation  (7hrs)        $30.00

1992 R/W Nationals - 4,8, 20-way formation and 10-way speed star competition jumps   (4hrs.)       $30.00  

1992 CRW Nationals - 8-way speed formation, 4-way sequential,  4-way rotation (5hrs 11min)         $30.00 




            The Endless Fall   (a book and video by Mike Swain, 2000)

The true adventures of an early skydiver. It is the "Right Stuff" of the parachuting world and captures an era before skydiving came of age. A must for every skydiver's bookshelf and a great gift idea for jumper and non-jumper alike. Softcover Book - 184 pages. Included is a 60 minute VHS video of rare gun camera footage from 1968 to 1974 - a mini-history of early skydiving in Florida with commentary by Mike Swain, the author and cinematographer.      $38.61


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