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        Since 1990, Skyhi Visual Productions has manufactured and marketed The Camera Suit and Malfunctions! A Visual Training Package, and has produced and distributed skydiving videos and photographs.

        Skyhi Visual Productions is a manufacturer of custom-made jump suits for skydiving cameramen and a supplier of instructional training aids, skydiving videos and photographs, and miscellaneous products for the skydiving industry and freefall photography, including the SportsCam Extreme Video System.

         In addition to information on how to order our products, this site contains Internet links to some great skydiving photos, camera gear and other sites of interest to skydivers and freefall cameramen.


Balloon Jump over Colorado                 


                 The Camera Suit
                                                                                                                     Designed and made by a freefall cameraman since 1990, The Camera Suit is a custom-fitted jump suit designed specifically for the rigors of freefall photography.  Reasonably  priced, The Camera Suit is designed for optimum maneuverability and stability in the air, and built to last.                      (click for more info)         

The Cameraman over Ft. Dodge, Iowa           


on DVD!

            A much valued training aid for every student skydiver training   program,  Malfunctions!  is  the  only  quality visual  aid  available  which  effectively  covers a very important subject - malfunctioning parachutes.  Malfunctions! consists of 15, 11"x17", plastic laminated, color "flashcards" of 14 common canopy malfunctions and one "good" canopy, and two DVD or VHS videos. The Instructional and Drill Videos show the canopy malfunctions from the skydiver's perspective and several from another jumper's view.      (click for more info)


A Horseshoe Malfunction over Colorado            

Extreme Sports Video System

         The safest freefall video system available, the SportsCam Video System was developed to remove the dangerous weight and bulk of a video camera from the skydiving videographer's helmet without the loss of picture quality.

         For use with any camcorder having a LANC and AV jacks, the SportsCam provides unsurpassed quality and durability; visual verification of camera status; one-touch power-up, standby and record functions;  nearly eye level sighting; protection of expensive video camcorder; cleaner freefall flying; unbeleivable video resolution - and safety.  (click for more info)



         Some of the best skydiving boogies of the early 1990s were captured on video : The World Freefall Convention, The Couch Freaks "Dollar Daze", Phoenix/Z-Hills Easter Meet, the 2nd Annual Southeastern Skydiving Championships and Lost Prairie Boogies. These videos show some great skydives and outrageous nightlife that characterizes these fun skydiving events.
        Also available on video are the U.S. National Skydiving Championships, the Judges' Master videos of the competition jumps from several early 1990s Nationals, including CRW competition. A great video reference of  formation skydiving, you get hours and hours of superb formation and CRW skydiving competition at Muskogee, Oklahoma and at Skydive Arizona, Eloy, Arizona.                                                                        And a great book and video combination, The Endless Fall - True Stories From An Early Skydiver - 184 pages and 60 minutes of the heart-pounding, breath-taking adventures of a group of rag-tag daredevils who risked their lives to transform the art of skydiving from its primitive form to the sport it is today.(click for more info)



20-Way over Lost Prairie, Montana         

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